Something Old, Something New, Something borrowed . . .

Western Icons has been developed to blend the color and richness of our western heritage with the most advanced reproduction methods of the day. Our goal is to faithfully represent graphically the images of the old west.

We wish to provide to all who desire, a peek back in time, to reflect on the character and spirit of those individuals who mold in a very dynamic way, the history of America. Western Icons borrows time from the busy day to give a glimpse at our past to enable us to determine our future.

The Western Icons Collections will encompass the very beginnings of the American West from theVaquero spanish period to the Wild West and Victorian eras. We will continue to seek out the most hard to find images that will allow the most modest of old west collectors a chance to own a bit of history.

We sincerely hope that you will ride along on the trail through time and be part of the glory days!

Suzi Bailey
Western Icons

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The art of fine art printing has become even more precise with the advent of the revolutionary Giclée (ghee-clay) printing process. A giclée print is as rewarding visually as it is technically amazing. For brilliant, exquisite color and razor sharp detail it is unsurpassed. This type of art reproduction is quickly becoming the new standard in the art industry, and is widely embraced for its quality by major museums, galleries, publishers, and artists. A giclée print is simply the closet duplication of an original artwork that is humanly, mechanically, or technically possible.

The cornerstone of this process are enhanced digital ink jet printers which are specifically designed for the rigorous and precise criteria of fine art collectors and connoisseurs of museum quality, limited edition prints.

The word giclée itself is French, and means spurt or squirt, in this case meaning, "spray of ink" . From hundreds of inkjets more than a million droplets of ink per second are sprayed on a canvas or watercolor paper spinning on a drum. Once completed an image is comprised of almost 20 billion droplets of ink. The latest Giclée Printing Technology enhanced the standard 4-color process to an 8-color process. The resulting print has no perceptible dot pattern, an endless array of richly saturated color, and every nuance of the original image. The most archival, water based lightfast inks available in the world are used. The latest inks guarantee 70 year lightfastness and UV-resistance under museum archival conditions.

Each print includes it's own signed and numbered Certificate.
Each certificate has a brief history about your Icon.

Beyond this description a giclée print simply must be seen to be fully appreciated.
Fine art galleries across the country are warmly receiving Giclées.

Giclée prints have an impressive exhibition record. They have been shown in museums and galleries throughout the world. A few examples are....

The Metropolitan Museum (New York)
Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
The Los Angeles County Museum
Zimmerli Museum of Art-Rutgers University
The British Museum
National Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The New York Public Library
San Francisco Museum of Art
The Corcoran Gallery
Laguna Museum of Art
The Washington Post Collection

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